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Changing perspectives: Water quality from space – The World Water Quality Portal developed by EOMAP for UNESCO programme

The rising number of pollutants entering our waterways are challenging our ability to monitor and maintain essential supplies of clean water. Water management teams on the ground often cover large networks of freshwater lakes, rivers or streams stretching over vast landscapes or circumnavigating through remote or inaccessible locations. With these logistical hurdles in mind, there is a pressing demand for new technologies to support water management teams as they undertake one of the biggest challenges for modern society. The UNESCO and many other users believe the answers should also lie within the resources of satellite-based earth observation (EO).

EO – earth observation | water quality | SDB – satellite-derived bathymetry | MarSat

Ausgabe: HN 110 Seite: 54–56
DOI: 10.23784/HN110-08
Autor/en: Marie-Luise Wilhelm