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What exactly is hydrography? – The IHO offers an abstract definition only. It is high time for more graphicness

The term hydrography has different meanings. It describes mainly the science of surveying of waters and of waters-related information, to which the German Hydrographic Society (DHyG) has committed itself to. There are several definitions of the concept depending on the nation and institution. Without doubt, the definition published by the IHO in 2009 has the greatest impact. Still, even this institution hasn’t been able to describe comprehensively and convincingly what hydrography is. Most of all, it lacks a vivid description. Therefore, it is about time to point out the weaknesses of the IHO definition and to present a new one. The following definition at least reflects the German understanding of the concept from the DHyG perspective.

hydrography | definition | terminology | lexicography | concept | philosophy of science

Ausgabe: HN 100 Seite: 59–62
DOI: 10.23784/HN100-13
Autor/en: Lars Schiller